Sakura Blossom:

My first take on creating short film. This video is documenting the process of creating a sakura brunch, which always symbolizes new start, new life, new everything. I choose to begin this year with piece and harmony, and looking forward to creating more of sensual and poetic artwork.  

Arizona Dream: Dancing in the Desert (Tribute to Haider Ackermann)

“The first element is just the attitude of the person, which makes everything so much more alive. You know, when you’re walking down the middle of this very, very narrow street, and a woman passes by you like a ghost? It’s like you just see those white veils, but then suddenly you will hear all the sounds—the fabric brushing, the clink of the jewelry—and it’s just so mysterious. I think that’s what attracted me when I was so young—that idea of these women who were passing by all the time. You didn’t know what would happen. Like, sometimes you would …

My interview for Art and Facts

Au delà des stéréotypes de la photo de mode, Alice Berg distille un esthétisme où l’être est porté vers une certaine irréalité. Un style très juste, aux compositions simples et efficaces où douceur et finesse se mêlent à des thématiques qui lui tiennent à cœur. L’artiste, basée à Paris, puise en effet son inspiration dans les cultures scandinaves et japonaises. Elle s’attache à porter la photo de mode au rang d’art. Pari réussi. Interview Art and Facts : Comment est née votre passion pour la photographie ? Alice Berg : Elle est née il y a longtemps, à l’âge de 5 ou 6 ans …

Indigo Child

This was my take on tribal-glam fusion. We sought a plausible experiment where glamour is accessorized by tribal motives with a bit of savage spirit in it. The dissonance was also in the nature of the model and the elements of her character; despite her doll baby face, she brings out some dangerous chaotic energy to the shoot and makes it much more valuable to us. Dream team: Model: Nastya@Marylin (Paris), Photography: Alice Berg, Style: Christine Legrand, Make-up: Aline Macouin, Hair: Sadek L